How to Apply for Risky Building Detection?

Law No. 6306: How to Apply for Risky Building Detection?


  • address with e-government password,
  • Under the Citizen tab, the property to be applied for is displayed from the property list,
  • Click on the “APPLY” link on the left side of the property you wish to apply for among the properties displayed,
  • In the window that opens, fill in the required fields such as the address of the property applied for, the address of the applicant and contact information,
  • Finally, the application is completed by typing “ESKÜP YAPI” in the section of the company that will make risky building detection, selecting our company and clicking on apply.
  • After the application is realized, the necessary documents specified below are delivered to our company and the petition for risky building detection requested by the ministry is signed.


  1. Photocopy of Identity Card
  2. Current Title Deed
  3. Current Title Deed Status Information (Land Registry of the Immovable)
    *If the title deed is shareholder, all shareholders must be registered in a single title deed status record).
  4. Real Estate Declaration (If the building has shareholders, real estate declaration of all shareholders)
  5. Numbering Certificate

NOTE: In all these documents, it should be ensured that the island-parcel, address and door numbers are the same.

Procedure for Decision Making on Risky Building